Internet Drum Tracks                                               UTR Studios
Recording drum tracks (or any instrument for that matter) via the internet has opened up a whole new wave of recording. I've done a lot of commuting to other cities to record for various clients (NYC, LA, Dallas, etc.). Now I can record drum tracks from my studio (UTR Studios) and simply e-mail, upload, or burn the tracks to DVD and mail to the client.

Below you'll find some information about my studio/production facility, UTR Studios. For more internet drum tracks and studio information, please contact.

UTR Studios
UTR is at your service for artist projects, singer/songwriter demos, internet drum tracks, and more. UTR Studios is a 1225 sq. ft. production facility, acoustically designed and treated. Studio features:

- Pro Tools
- 25'x30' tracking room (w/wood floor)
- 13'x15' console/control room
- vocal/piano room
- 15'-20' vaulted ceilings
- several drum kits/snare drums, percussion, acoustic piano, synth,   acoustic guitars

Please visit the UTR Studios website for more information: