Music Production                                                      UTR Studios
In addition to songwriting, I have been involved in producing, arranging, and mixing various projects. I have also co-produced projects with other musicians (such as Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts). The productions span many styles of music and samples are available upon request. Also, below you'll find information about my studio/production facility, UTR well as the latest production news. For more production and studio information, please contact.

UTR Studios
UTR is at your service for artist projects, singer/songwriter demos, internet drum tracks, and more. UTR Studios is a 1225 sq. ft. production facility, acoustically designed and treated. Studio features:

- Pro Tools
- 25'x30' tracking room (w/wood floor)
- 13'x15' console/control room
- vocal/piano room
- 15'-20' vaulted ceilings
- several drum kits/snare drums, percussion, acoustic piano, synth,   acoustic guitars

Please visit the UTR Studios website for more information:

 Mouthpiece Where Do I Begin?
Mouthpiece is a rock project by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter, Devin Williams. I played all drums on his CD Where Do I Begin?, and did some arranging and mixing on the project as well. Audio clips of the CD can be found here:

Stay tuned for more info on Devin's new 13 song project recorded at UTR Studios in April '08. I played drums on the project, engineered, as well as did some arranging.

 Windup Rocket
Soon to be in production....Mark teams up with the very talented musician Anthony Gravley (vocalist/guitarist/songwriter) of Windup Rocket, for a new CD to be released.

Stay tuned for more information....