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Audio tracks: All drums and various percussion by Mark Nemer.
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Track Notes:
(in addition to all drums & percussion)

A Love Calling
Co-written by: Mark Nemer
#1 on CHR charts

Power House
Co-written by: Mark Nemer
Dove Award nominated

Standing So Close
Co-production/Arranging: Mark Nemer
Mixing: Mark Nemer, Chuck Butler

Where Have You Gone
Co-production/Arranging: Mark Nemer
Mixing: Mark Nemer, Chuck Butler

Pour It Out
Co-production/Arranging: Mark Nemer
Recorded at UTR Studios

So Good
Co-production/Arranging: Mark Nemer
Recorded at UTR Studios

The Finale
vocals by Bob Carlisle

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Record Info Notes

souvenir_justice_sm (3K) Artist: Souvenir Justice
Project: Souvenir Justice
Producers: Gabriel Katona, Patrick Bolen
 Souvenir Justice is Gabriel Katona (Jefferson Starship, Rick Springfield) and Patrick Bolen (Missing Persons/Dale Bozzio, Pure Prairie League). Lyrics & music by Gabriel Katona & Patrick Bolen.
64-to-grayson_sm (5K) Artist: Zach Shelton and 64 To Grayson
Project: Zach Shelton and 64 To Grayson
Producer: Zach Shelton, Steve Hoffman
Artist: Travis Agnew
Project: Coming Home
Producer: Anthony Gravley, Travis Agnew
Artist: Paul Alan
Project: Falling Awake
Label: Whiplash
Producer: Brian Hardin
Artist: Alaskan Pipe Dream
Project: Maybe Venus
Producer: Rod Lambert
Project: An Island Christmas - A Kid's Musical About Giving
Label: Lillenas Music
Arranged by: Jukka Palonen
Created by: Wayne Haun, Shelby Haun, Joel Lindsey
Artist: Angelo & Veronica
Project: Angelo & Veronica
Label: Benson
Producer: Bryan Lenox
Artist: Kim Boyce
Project: This I Know
Label: Myrrh/A&M Records
Producer: Tim Miner
 Produced by Tim Miner, producer of other notable artists including Steve Perry of Journey. Features producer/bassist Tommy Sims (Bruce Springsteen) on some tracks.
Artist: Kim Boyce
Project: Breakaway Praise II
Label: Myrrh
Producer: Bryan Lenox, Various
Artist: Bruce Bright
Project: Hold On
Producer: Brian Hardin
 Produced by Brian Hardin. Drummer Nick D'Virgilio of the prog-rock group Spock's Beard also plays on tracks.
Artist: Michael Card
Project: Joy in the Journey: 10 Years of Greatest...
Label: Sparrow
Producer: Phil Naish
 Greatest hits collection with four new songs.Also features drummers Larrie Londin and Paul Leim on some of the tracks.
Artist: Chris Feller
Project: More Of You
Producer: Steve Hoffman, Chris Feller
Artist: Various Artists
Project: God's Leading Ladies
Label: Sparrow Records
Producer: Cedric & Victor Caldwell
 Played on tracks featuring vocalists Patti LaBelle, Dottie Peeples, and Helen Baylor.
Artist: J. Paul
Project: Unspeakable
Label: J. Paul Music
Producer: Paul Brittain
Artist: Blended 328
Project: Jordan's Hart
Producer: Gabe Jordan, Fran Hart
Artist: Barbara Mandrell
Project: Get to the Heart: My Story
A CBS made for TV movie (Soundtrack)
Note: Link is for information on Barbara's book, in which movie was based.
Producer: Brent Rowan
Artist: Steven Manuel
Project: Meta
Producer: Steven Manuel
Artist: Steven Manuel
Project: Comic Book Hero
Producer: Steven Manuel, Josh Seurkamp
Artist: Mouthpiece (Devin Williams)
Project: Where Do I Begin?
Producer: Devin Williams
Mixed By: Devin Williams, Chuck Butler, Mark Nemer
Artist: Devin Williams
Project: Pour It Out
Producer: Devin Williams
Production Advice: Mark Nemer
Engineered By: Mark Nemer, Devin williams, Zek Storm
Recorded at: UTR Studios
Artist: Jim Nabors
Project: When He Spoke
Label: Naborly Productions
Producer: David Haskell
 Tracked 22 songs in five days for this double CD. Jim treated the musicians to lunch each day and kept us in stiches sharing hilarious stories of his incredible career.
Artist: David Parker
Project: Where I Belong
Label: DP Music
Producer: Jay DeMarcus (Rascal Flatts) , David Parker
Artist: David Parker
Project: Walk the Narrow Road
Label: DP Music
Producer: David Parker
Artist: Jill Parr
Project: Jill Parr
Label: Absolute Records
Producer: Brian Hardin, Exec; Dez Dickerson (Prince)
Artist: Ryan States
Project: Strange Town
Producer: Ryan States
Artist: Traci Ann Stanley
Project: Right Here
Producer: Steve Hoffman, Traci Ann Stanley
Artist: Tri-City Singers
Project: A Songwriter's Point of View
Label: Gospo Centric
Producer: Donald Lawrence
 Written and produced by Donald Lawrence, this album was recorded live in Charlotte, NC. Features a guest appearance by the popular Stephanie Mills.
Artist: Chris Tomlin
Project: Authentic
Label: River Music
Producer: David Parker, Chris Tomlin
Artist: Toy Maker's Dream (Soundtrack)
Project: Toy Maker’s Dream
Label: Impact Productions
Producer: Michael Demus, Exec; Tom Newman
Original Score: Michael Demus
Artist: White Heart
Project: Power House
Label: Star Song
Producer: Bill Drescher (Rick Springfield, Richard Marx)
 In addition to playing drums and percussion...also co-wrote the songs Power House and A Love Calling (#1 on CHR charts) on this project.
Artist: White Heart
Project: Nothing But the Best: Radio Classics
Label: Star Song/Capitol
Producer: Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl
 'Part One' of a White Heart Greatest Hits Collection - includes A Love Calling (co-wrote)
Artist: White Heart
Project: Nothing But the Best: Rock Classics
Label: Star Song/Capitol
Producer: Billy Smiley, Mark Gersmehl
 'Part Two' of a White Heart Greatest Hits Collection - includes Power House (co-wrote)
Artist: White Heart
Project: The Early Years Vol 1
Label: Emd/Chordant
Producer: Various
 Greatest Hits Collection - includes Power House (co-wrote)
Artist: White Heart
Project: Attack!
Label: Star Song Records
Producer: Various
 Greatest Hits Collection - includes Power House (co-wrote)
Artist: White Heart
Project: The Very Best of White Heart
Label: Sparrow
Producer: Various
 Greatest Hits Collection - includes Power House (co-wrote)
Artist: Alicia Williamson
Project: There Is a Hope
Label: Integrity Music
Producer: Dana Reed
Artist: Cece Winans
Project: Throne Room
Label: Wellspring Gospel/Epic/INO
Producer: Cedric & Victor Caldwell
 Produced by Cedric and Victor Caldwell, producers of other notable artists including Whitney Houston and Take 6.
Artist: Kelly Zullo
Project: 4 Lies and 40 Criminals
Label: Imagic Records
Producer: Kelly Zullo

» Partial list of producers and musicians I have recorded for/with:
Tommy Sims
(Bruce Springsteen)
Barbara Mandrell
(Legendary Artist)
Bill Drescher
(Richard Marx, Rick Springfield)
Jay DeMarcus
(Rascal Flatts)
Cedric & Victor Caldwell
(Whitney Houston, Take6)
Bryan Lenox
(Michael W. Smith)
Donald Lawrence
(Stephanie Mills, Tri-City Singers)
Hugh McCracken
(Steely Dan)
Tim Minor
(Steve Perry, Stevie Wonder)
Brent Rowan
(Julie Roberts, Barbara Mandrell)
Todd Williams
(Wynton Marsalis)
Phil Naish
(Steven Curtis Chapman)
Roger Eaton
(Lorrie Morgan, Barbara Mandrell)
Chris Kent
(Larry Carlton, Lorrie Morgan)
Dino Pastin
Chris Walters
Mark Baldwin
(Nashville sessions)
George Cecchini
(Nashville sessions)
Dez Dickerson
Todde Lawton
Gary Lunn
(Nashville sessions)
Erik Darken
(Nashville sessions)
Brian Wooten
(Trace Atkins)
Mark Hill
(Nashville sessions)
Jon Cowherd
(Brian Blade and Fellowship)
Gabriel Katona
(Jefferson Starship, Rick Springfield, Rare Earth)
Paul Jackson, Jr.
(LA sessions)
Randy Flowers
(Meatloaf, Bread)
Patti Russo
Pat Bergeson
(Emmy Lou Harris)
Melinda Doolittle
(American Idol, Cece Winans)

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